The Peephole – V11


The famous bulge. Start matched on the jug under the teardrop feature, head up and out on pinches to match the big undercling in the steepest part of the roof. Work your way up to the lip and topout.

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  • V11
    Wow such a cool feature. I did the 'new' beta I think. Compressing out of the prow and not climbing under/through the scoop. Thanks Andrew for getting me psyched on this one!
  • V12
    Post break. Not sure what to think about the grade, but I’ll go with the new consensus of V12. Two sessions. Did it the original way through the bulge.
  • V11
    A lesson in trying problems before you write them off. Really unique and some of the craziest movement I've done on a boulder. Not sure what the consensus grade is these days..
  • V11
    Every hold was moist when we were trying it so it was really hard.
  • V10
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