Pan Galactic Gargle Blaster – V10

FA: J Fire - 2021-01-30

Description:   (under review)

FA: JF 1/30/21
Sit start low on a small downhill and RH side pull, climb through the obvious rail and punch out right via an iron cross move. Shoulders and knee pad(s) required. A week or so after the FA, the key handhold broke, now it goes with a larger further away hold or the smaller version on the original hold, up to you

Recent Sendage:

  • V10
    Idk about a full grade bump post break, gonna keep it as hard 10 for now until it gets another repeat with the crumby broken hold or the bigger further away hold (probably more fun with the bigger hold), still felt pretty fucking hard to me EDIT: after some thought, maybe it is v11? EDIT 2: If K can't do it in a sesh or two then im upgrading. LAST EDIT: I need to stop thinking about it, I am keeping it at v10/11
  • V10
    2021-01-30 (FA)
    Contortion and kneebar skills on the left side of the cave. I'm curious to see what others will come up with, I found it extremely fiddly and technical. Really sick hold set though and damn good movement. Actually about as good as a climb with a giant unfortunate graffiti can get. 16 hand moves