Ne pas toucher a ma bite – 5.13c

Recent Sendage:

  • 5.13d
    Excellent route, but dramatically harder if you're as short or shorter than me (~5'4" wingspan). A solid notch harder for me than either Gaia or Racomelo. 3 days. Changed beta on the 2nd last go of the last day in Kalymnos then just barely snagged a send on the final try. On to Leonidio!
  • 5.13c
  • 5.13c
    Riktigt snygg travers och sköna rörelser på stalaktit-blobbar och pockets på en i övrigt slät vägg. Imponerande onsight a Geir! 2dgr
  • 5.13c
  • 5.13c
    Such a fun route and not at all my style so pretty happy with this one.