The Lion's Den – V10

FA: Simon Parton - 2011-09-07

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  • V10
    I don't understand how the grade changed with the break? The crux is the mantle!
  • V10
    Really enjoyed this! Contrasting styles from sick powerful roof climbing to classic Squamish lip traverse and mantel. Glad we had extra pads to block the sun...
  • V10
    Fell off the mantle countless times over a number of sessions, but somehow managed to press it out onto the damp slab today. Relieved and happy to be done with this one.
  • V10
    Big, fun moves.
  • V10
    OMG FUN - Big thanks to Ben and Kristina for donating their night to bring pads, spots and send candies (the last arguably being the most important)... A good start to the season :)