The Line, aka The Lion, aka Double Clutch – V3

Recent Sendage:

  • V3
    Really quite fun! Was always to scared too commit to moving to the jug, but found some more secure beta!
  • V3
    oowee scary, went up once... bailed, thought about it, went up again... bailed. Scrambled to the top, peeped down at a couple holds to know how good they were, went back for a send go, and had a couple nice amigos send over a couple more pads so i felt a bit better and sent. Also i disagree with Evan, I think the Lion is the better name
  • V3
    A fantastic 6 to 7ish meter highball. Made sure to sus it on a top rope first, with the difficulty on the top half, then everyone at the crag threw the pads at the base. Made it feel a little less committing. Think itd be harder for shorter climbers. Of its 3 names I perfer Double Clutch.
  • V3
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