Labour Pains – 5.12b

14m / 45ft, 8 bolts

Recent Sendage:

  • 5.12b
    Perfect rock
  • 5.12b
    Solid rock
  • 5.12b
    Not sure if this is soft or Elixir is just really sandbagged. Regardless, it's a beautiful climb.
  • 5.12b
    Love this route. Suggested by my friend Sabrina. Super fun middle crux traverse. I have two ways of getting through this section. Not sure which way is more efficient. Either going straight up through two not so okay mini sloping ledges to a good mini rail or going out right to a farther dish still using one of the mini ledge for my left. Higher crux to get over lip. Make sure to have three fingers (IMR) in left hand crimp. Switch left foot for right foot in good pocket below. Get left foot up high on dish (lots of shoe scum). Make sure to take the time to look and place left foot properly. Rockover on left foot grab giant undercling pinch by pass block for right hand go directly to good jug by the bolt. To get to the anchors, just make sure to use that good flake for you left hand.
  • 5.12b