Juicy J – V6

FA: Jake Tiger - 2023-08-13


'On the backside of the No Big Deal Boulder. Facing the main trail. Downclimb off a narrow cedar tree at the corner of the boulder

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  • V6
    This boulder should be on every top list. Top highball, top V6, top boulder.
  • V6
    2023-08-13 (FA)
    When I was setting up the rope to clean No Big Deal with Nate I immediately noticed this line on the backside of it. So I knew I had to come back for it. Today was way too hot for projecting hard so it seemed like a perfect day for developing a new moderate. This one required 2.5 hours of cleaning between my friend Lliam and me. I felt really bad when I dropped a large sheet of moss from the top to the ground near him that happened to have a wasp nest nestled inside of it and he got stung a few times! I really enjoyed how this one turned out. It climbs exceptionally well and I hope others enjoy it too. Incredibly aesthetic! Did it a couple times