Infected Mushroom Middle – V8


From the v-notch jug, Infected Mushroom Middle goes straight up to top out. See also: Infected Mushroom and Infected Mushroom Left.

Recent Sendage:

  • V8
    Really quality climbing. Climb infected Mushroom and then through some pockets on the face to topout right about small crimps. I Really enjoyed this crimpy line.
  • V8
    Definitely harder than left variation but not as hard as orient/peewee. We'll call it V8.1 only one variation left and it's a real ankle breaker...
  • V8
    I went left hand up and left to a deep pocket in the face of the rock above the triangle bucket, then straight up. Basically this is between the low left variation and the true straight up line... Grade is definitely harder than low left variation. After talking with the FA'ee I think I actually know how the original variation goes, I'll be back ... :p