Hey Sailor stand start – V5


Start on the two crimps around head height, bust up to the lip, and top out on sharp crimps more or less straight up.

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  • V5
    Relogging post-break. There is another positive hold up and right of where the broken hold was, but is farther and sharper. Depending on your height, you may be able to keep the same beta and just aim higher, but I had to shorten up my right foot to reach the "new" hold. Slightly decreases the quality of the boulder imo. I also broke a massive chunk off the chossy prow area today while attempting Snaggletooth (picture attached). Likely not used for Sailor Stand, but worthy of mention as it is a large piece.
  • V5
    Watched the big jug a few moves into the stand start explode a little while after I sent. Apparently it's still around the same grade. Stand likely moved from easy/solid v5 to solid/upper v5. Full line probably is a similar case.
  • V5
  • V5
  • V5
    Tension on the toe is key. Quality boulder. I think V5 makes sense