Fool's Gold – V11

FA: Marc Bourguignon - 2019-09-30

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  • V11
    So good. Opening sequence didn’t feel too bad, but the heel/cross was absolutely my crux. Sweet movement on this one
  • V11
    Grade is hard to tell v11/12 seems very appropriate. Classic movement, no tricks, just gotta try hard and it goes.
  • V12
    Soooooooo nice. Such enjoyable power tension into "please don't blow it", glad I only had to do the opening sequence once and that the spikey death rocks didn't claim me. 11/12 maybe?
  • V12
    2019-09-30 (FA)
    Just below Tenderfoot is a striking arete. Starts on the obvious left hand side pull and low right hand notch and climbs straight to the tip of the prow. Pure, powerful, technical, and beautiful. Such an awesome experience. Thanks Matt for the sweet discovery! Of course not sure about the grade but felt limit for me!