Fetishize the Archetype – V7

FA: Benjamin A. Walker - 2013-07-05


Sit start just left of "Fantasies Apropos My Very Own Auto Da Fé" with a right hand undercling/sidepull and a left hand crimp sidepull. Crank up and left through crimps and slopers to a committing top out off the bread loaf.

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  • V7
    Super ridiculously good holds on this one
  • V7
  • V7
    Fantastic. Not sure on the grade. It went pretty quick and it was like 30 degrees out, so probably easier than 7. Once you've figured out the top for this, it's definitely worth doing "Reactionary" too. Both lines are great.
  • V7
    2013-07-05 (FA)
    Awesome line beside the creek. Out the overhang from a sit start on a mixture of slopers and crimps, hard finish.