The Hydro Project

49 Boulder Problems


The Hydro Project refers to the boulders in and along South Sutton Creek that flows down the valley between Mount Gibson and Adder Mountain. The road leading along the river separates the Hydro Project boulders to the west and the Landscape of Nebulous Time to the east.

Directions / Travel Info:

Park on the side of the highway at 49°17'30.7"N 125°18'26.9"W, about 1.3km past the Taylor River Rest Area. Across the highway are two roads. The one on the right leads to a rock pit, while the road on the left leads to a BC Hydro Project. Follow the road to the Hydro building and keep left on the road that goes past the building and up the hill parallel to the river. The first boulders are about 400m past the Hydro building in the river bed to your right.

Clutch Info!
You can get cell service and wifi at the Taylor River Rest Area, and there is sometimes cell service on the way to the Hydro project at around 49°17'23.2"N 125°18'31.0"W.

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