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  • V10
    4 or 5 goes in the full sun at 1pm. Psyched to be taking down some Buttermilk classics this season with the quickness. Great trip with James, Kris and Goose pups.
  • V10
    Huge thanks to Eddie for convincing me to try one last time before leaving, and all the crews past and present that brought the psych, beta, pads, and support. Took four years to put this one together, it's been a battle and I'm a little sad it's over. 4 stars because drop-off, time to work the top...
  • V10
  • V10
    A bit of a journey. Maybe someday I’ll top it out.
  • V10
    Always wanted to do this one. Thought really hard about trying to top it out...but I think that's just not for me, personally. ON TO THE NEXT!