Et Tu Brute! – 5.10a

FA: andrewmills - 2021-03-27


The right most climb on the right wall. The obvious crux is getting up the over hanging head wall and onto the finishing ledge. Clipping the final bolt is strenuous as it must be done off a thin crimp with poor feet. The fall would have consequences, so top rope if unsure.

Recent Sendage:

  • 5.10a
    Did it as 'intended' as 5.11 - felt good!
  • 5.10a
    New beta stemming off the pillar on the left shaves several grades off. The new crux is the heel hook move onto the top ledge. Sorry Andrew!
  • 5.10a
    2021-03-27 (FA)
    If you want the easy version straddle far left at the crux on the pillar. If you want the fun 5.11a intended version crimp straight up the slight over hung face to the large ledge above.