The Eliminator – V5

FA: Keith Nalepa - 2021-08-29


Start as per Moss surfer but do not use the upper lip. Instead quest out left on crimps and slimpers. Finish just left of the arete.

Recent Sendage:

  • V5
    2nd try. Cold warm up. Very nice line despite the eliminate. I like riding this arrete more anyways!
  • V5
    Idk how people got high heel hooks without just being in the splits, I just smeared on a bump to move into the crimps and once you're on them the climb is easy-ish. Would have said V6 but the small break does make it easier
  • V5
    A small chip broke off at the end of the huge middle rail just before hitting the crimps, leaving a good sidepull and making the middle section easier. Threw a high heel hook early and hauled it up the whole ledge.
  • V5
  • V5