Creature From the Black Lagoon – 5.11a


Prep and FA: Matt Laird

70m rope
Take at least half a dozen alpine draws. Having a few double length slings can be handy.

Park in a small gravel pullout opposite the Lac Des Arc Lake, on the south side of the highway (51.047350, -115.177781). Walk into the cleared gravel pit, up the initial embankment, and hang a right onto a obvious established walking trail. Continue along this until a faint trail leads uphill into the forest on the left.

P1: 5.10a

P2: 5.9

P3: 5.10a

P4: 5.10a

P5: 5.10a

P6: 5.10c

P7: 5.10d

P8: 5.10d

P9: 5.8

P10: 5.11a

P11: 5.10b

P12: 5.10d

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