Cordova Bay Arete – V7


Sit start the arete with a slopey undercling and move right to reach right hand to a slot. Then fire up to an edge below the lip to reach the top.

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Recent Sendage:

  • V7
    Skin destroyer
  • V7
    Taping left pinky is the real beta for this one.
  • V7
    Mini nemesis, fun to send not to project
  • V7
    Really stoked! Struggled with this boulder in 2021, and could never quite make the big move work. Happy to come back this year and send it in a short session; a good sign of progress! Make sure to tape your left pinky so it doesn’t get chewed up!
  • V7
    satisfying moves to link, -1 star for sharpness and -1 star because lanky is better and the obvious line