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Cordova Bay is also known as Timber Lane in Peter Michaux's old guidebook.

On Cordova Bay accessed via Timber Lane there are some short bouldering bluffs on the beach.
Area Guide

This small area close to town offers several excellent problems on some of the best rock on the island, and a long cliff band that is pretty fun to traverse. The downside to this area is that when the tide is high it is inaccessible, so make sure to time the tides right. You can check the tides for the area at this link:

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To reach the beach make your way onto Cordova Bay Rd and turn towards the water onto Timber Ln. Turn left onto Timber Pl and park anywhere. Be respectful as this is a residential area. From here there is a trail that leads down to the beach via a set of concrete stairs. At the bottom of the stairs turn right and walk down the beach for about 250 meters. The first established lines are located on the overhanging cliff just next to a 4 ft tall boulder sitting on the beach. Coordinates: (48.507526, -123.352588).
Since the images of the boulders are not the best it might be useful to use the magic of Google Maps 3D here. The boulder somewhat shaped like a heart on the left is home to the lines 4, 5 and 6 and is some of the best rock on the island! And the long steep face on the right holds Nautical Disaster.

Source: Greater Victoria Bouldering (Aidan Nickel)

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