Choir Boys Light – V7


Start on a jug on the corner just left of Chblanke. Slap left through compression moves and reach up onto the crimpy face to topout. Avoid the dab.

Recent Sendage:

  • V7
    Hardest V7 I have tried in the park. Took 3 or four sessions, although all were at the end of the day.
  • V7
    Burly beginning and crimping ending. Super sick kneebars. That right heel start on the tooth is so glassy! Very fun but so dabby.
  • V7
    First notoriously dabby boulder I haven’t dabbed on LFG!
  • V7
  • V7
    Psyched! Amanda kindly gave me a full spray down which was amazing beta for all the bottom moves. Figuring out how to bump and then not dab on the next move took a lot of work over a couple sessions (and many power spots from Andrew, Blair and Will), and I really wasn’t sure I could ever do it from the bottom. Felt quite strong on it today though- perhaps it was the triple double in the morning? Solo session (though a couple showed up) so I carried up lots of pads again