Black Gold – 5.13c

15m / 50ft, 8 bolts


Recent Sendage:

  • 5.13c
    Ahhhhh I blew the last move on my flash go after doing Golden Boy. Had some skin on the hold but it wasn't quite enough. Somehow managed to keep it together on the 2nd go. It's SO good! The holds are rad. Do it.
  • 5.13c
    Really great route. The rock is incredible and the movement is fantastic. Psyched to have put it together in 3 tries.
  • 5.13c
    More effort put into this climb than any other I've done at the Red so far. Perfect crimps that reminded me of bouldering in Hueco. Got it 7th try after falling 3 moves from the chains 2 days ago.
  • 5.13c
    First go was six years ago, broke tons of holds on OS try. Much better now.