Raven's Crag

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Ravens Crag is home to Banff National Parks best water sculpted Limestone. The silver and black streaked walls are very high in quality, offering extremely cryptic, powerful, gymnastic, steep climbing. Expect interesting holds such as small crimps, powerful underclings, pencil pinches, high friction slopers, gastons, flat holds and sharp jugs of the sulphuric stone type.

The first pitches are short because they pack such a punch!! The crag was first envisioned in the 90's by Peter Arbic with interesting holds throughout. In 2015-16 routes were all retrofitted with glue-ins as seepage can be a concern at this north facing wall. New development on Fun Club Ledge has popped up two new longer pitches. Alpine feeling indeed, taking in the view from these longer pitches such as Nevermore 12b being Uber classic. The Masque P2 as well as Telltale Heart P2 being the absolute Gem’s of the crag. Mega classic, airy and sandbagged.

We recommend Telltale Heart P1 as a warm up. Bring a jacket as the crag stays chilly even in August. Look out for the big old boy, Raven who guards over the crag and enjoy, Banff's best sport climbing. Oh, yeah this is home to one of Canadas hardest climbs. ;)

Directions / Travel Info:

A short but steep 30min hike (has been run in 14mins) starting from Cave and Basin historic site. Walks past a cafe at the site, just saying....

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