Rainy River Boulders (upper)

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High quality granite scree and glacial erratics many with nice landings within a pristine wilderness setting alongside the headwaters of a crystal clear river that are accessed by a 2 wheel drive service road that is currently a bit mangled due to fresh logging. However road is still 2wd access with adequate clearance and driving skills (don’t spin tires because it damages road) Boulders are near the town of Gibsons BC. the home of Persephone Brewery and many great eateries. The best time to visit is May through October
The newly established Ice and Fire Zone 1.5km further up road past Roadside Zone requires awd or 4wd.

Directions / Travel Info:

Push trip meter at bridge crossing of the rainy river by howe sound pulp and paper then immediately after bridge turn left onto the public Rainy River forest service road and follow this for 10km to boulders without taking any turnoffs. If you look at a backroad map book you’ll see that the lake that feeds rainy river exists a few kilometres up same road beyond boulders (vehicles with less ground clearance than a Mazda CX-5 may have issue with bumper drag in one spot near top and has a tiny crossditch) if so then park at 9.5km and walk gently rising road for the remainder.
Road is accessed through howe sound pulp and paper property so you must check through gate.
The gate does not allow access in after dark but will let you out.
Please be extra careful as there is spotty cell reception (you may get signal up at slithering Bog) also not too many passers by, you can however tell security at gate when you’ll be coming out for safety.
Lots of room for development but
Please keep dogs leashed so they do not have un picked up poops, dig holes, harass wildlife, get eaten/stung by wildlife, trample vegetation etc. Please do not cut trees, dig out landings and please be sure to modify area for climbing in the lowest impact way possible, obviously please do not litter, stay on trails to protect tree roots and undergrowth and be extremely careful with fire.
It’s a good idea to carry bear spray and to be “wildlife smart” in the backcountry. If food is being stored in your car be sure to put in sealed container and close all windows completely. (We don’t want car food conditioned bears here like the Eldred valley area)
Drive slowly and be ready to pull over quickly for logging trucks! UPDATE: logging appears to have stopped for now April/2023

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