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There are tons of boulders out here and many of them have yet to be developed. The rock is the same glassy basalt as the rock in Cyberia but of arguably better quality.
The approach is somewhat long, roughly 40 minutes, but it is beautiful. Winding uphill and overlooking Brentwood Bay the approach takes you up to the Malahat viewpoint trail where dozens of massive boulders sit gathering moss. Partially developed around 2009 and then seemingly forgotten there are a multitude of established problems including several excellent highball problems. Unfortunately because of how little traffic this area has seen there is a fair bit of moss on the boulders so anyone trekking out there ought to bring a wire brush! I cannot recommend this area enough. I was blown away when I went up there. It is the same type of rock as Cyberia but arguably better quality and in a stunning location. Interestingly the boulders prevented the logging of old growth forest trees in the area so the boulders are surrounded by massive trees! Don’t let the long hike dissuade you! Get out there! This place should be on everyone’s radar!

Directions / Travel Info:

Park at the Cascade Trailhead on Ross Durrance Rd and hike along what google maps calls the Cascade Trail (though on this map it shows it as Timberman’s Trail I do not know what the correct name is). Shortly after you cross a creek take a left onto Timberman’s trail [coordinates (48.550724, -123.502327)] continue along this trail until the slightly unobvious turnoff right onto the Malahat Viewpoint Trail [coordinates (48.548303, -123.512154)] This trail then takes you straight to the boulders. You will pass a mossy viewpoint which boasts a beautiful view of the bay and then the trail will head downhill. As soon as the trail heads downhill you will start to see boulders on your left [coordinates (48.546621, -123.518932)].

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