The Moose Patch

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This venue is roughly 300m wide and is one of the older sectors at the Moose Mountain Crags. It has a south facing aspect and hosts some of the earliest lead problems developed in the area. Until recently nearly all the climbs in these sectors were 5.11 & 5.12 and most offered up sustained technical face climbing with burly bits. Some of the earliest climbs found here have a slightly more spacious bolt spacing than the newer modern standard at the Moose Mountain Crags.

For winter options this cliff has south exposure and usually comes into the sun about 10:30-11:00. Things get decidedly warm if the sun is shining. A great winter crag from end of January going forward. There is more wind exposure at this part of the cliff. For the best results while winter cragging remember it needs to be sunny, plus two or three, and no wind
and you will have t-shirt conditions. In the fall it has sun until the end of October. Best avoided in the darker months from
November till the end of January as the sun is too low on the horizon during these winter months unless its really warm.

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