Kid's Cliff

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For quality 5.9-5.10 face climbs on compact, vertical stone, the left side of Kids' Cliff is hard to beat. This crag is a bit of a journey to reach, but the lengthy trek greatly increases your chances of finding solitude during weekends and busy holidays. The wall is nestled in a shallow draw alongside the west face of Cave Hill and the proximity to that formation allows for a post-climb exploration of its unique slot caves if you're into that sort of thing. If not, Move rightward along Kids' Cliff to give your fingers a thorough drubbing on the crag's harder routes, worthwhile pitches that range from 5.11 to mid- 5.12!

Nether Land and Kids' Cliff both face due east and get blasted by morning sunshine. Kids' Cliff has a few trees at the base that provide some shade relief, but Nther Land does not.

Directions / Travel Info:

From the south end of Evergreen Drive, hike around the yellow gate on the left and quickly turn right to hike around a second yellow gate. Watch for a trail that breaks left and dips down beside a small pond. Follow this trail (Brian's Canoe Trail) southward through a brushy canyon until it merges with a dirt road. Walk uphill to a four-way road intersection, turn left and continue uphill along the steep, loose Gas Line Road. As it bends left and levels out, watch for a trail on the right. Follow it steeply uphill to an intersection, turn right and hike along a flat track to reach the north end of Kids' Cliff in a couple of minutes - Nether Land is just beyond. These crags can also be reached via the Chatsworth approach, but it's considerably longer than coming from Evergreen Drive.

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