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From Aidan Nickel's guide:
The boulders are located at: (48.526277, -123.457013)
To reach the boulders, park in the Hartland Landfill Parking lot at the end of Hartland Ave.
From the parking lot start down the obvious trail across the street and continue past the bike park and the information bulletin. Still staying on the main gravel path you head down into a small valley, on the way up the other side there will be a small trail leading left marked “Shock Treatment” by a small concrete pyramid. Keep your head up on this path, as it is a mountain bike trail and quite narrow. After following this trail for several minutes you will see a spot to turn left marked with a small cairn. Take this left and head down the hill which spits you out on a path next to Killarney Lake. Turn right and follow this trail to the far end of Killarney Lake. Once you are past the lake you should see the boulders on your left. The first boulder you will see is the Laboratory boulder.

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