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Beautiful bouldering area about 20 km west of town. Classic highball lines in an amazing setting by a creek. Not a huge area, but lots of potential for further development, and what has been established are top of the line problems.

Directions / Travel Info:

Directions from www.revelstokebouldering.ca

Leave Revelstoke and drive west on the Trans-Canada Highway over the Columbia River. Zero your odometer as you pass over the bridge. Follow Highway #1 west for 17.5km and turn left onto the 3 Valley/ Victor Lake FSR. If there is too much traffic present for a left hand turn continue on to the 3 Valley Chateau and turn around here.Drive up the 3 Valley/ Victor Lake FSR and take the second left after 2.5km. Follow this FSR to the first bridge over the Englishman Creek after another 2.0km. Note that you will pass a junction on the right at 0.5km from the junction at 2.5km. Park just before the bridge and follow the trail in up the creek. The Obelix Area should be visible at the top of the cut bank.

The road is generally in good shape and small cars make it up no problem as long as the cross ditches are taken slow. Note that active logging can happen at anytime up the access road so be aware and always give way to logging trucks


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