Duke Point Boulders

45 Boulder Problems


Center Stage:
A long sandstone cliff with a great landing and tons of climbing opportunity. Most climbs here are eliminates due to the nature of the rock, but many of them are still high value.

Stage Right:
A small group of sandstone boulders just South of Center Stage.

Estuary Roof:
Some of the highest value climbs. A small sandstone shelf located down the beach from the main bouldering area.


Directions / Travel Info:

To access this amazing sandstone bouldering area, head North on the Duke Point Hwy just south of Nanaimo. Park on the east side of the road near the end of the concrete barrier at the exit pullout from the sawmill. There is a trail that goes up out of the ditch on the opposite side of the road. Follow the trail west down towards the water. You will go down a small fixed rope. At the split, head left (south) towards the climbs. The approach is very short with climbs less than 5 min from the road.


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