Black Flag

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The Black Flag Sector is a recently developed section of south facing rock established by a huge effort from Ross Suchy. It is located on the main wall on the north side of the access road roughly halfway between the two older sectors Dust Bowl and Moose Patch found on the sunny side of the main valley. Named after the obvious black seepage stain in the middle of the wall that resembles a big black fag hanging over the roofs. On either side of the steep wall there are fun 5.11/12 climbs. The routes in the steep section are burly and long, with rock that is well above average (for Moose standards).

Directions / Travel Info:

Take the trail as for the Moose Patch. After you reach the cliff band, hike along it west (left) for 5 minutes. The cliff is between the Dust Bowl and the Moose Patch.

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