Unicorn Canyon – AB, Canada

This guide to Unicorn Canyon is written by Peter Nelson and Craig Doram.

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Unicorn Canyon is located just outside the edge of Kananaskis, between Barrier Lake and Nakiska Ski Resort/Kananaskis Village. It is the canyon on the SW side of Mt. Lorette, and is the canyon Lorette Creek flows down. There are two main areas, “Sunshine Castle”, and “Rainbow Wonderland”. There are also two smaller areas containing a handful of routes, “Pot of Gold”, and “The Moat”. The areas are listed in the order you will approach them as you hike in. Please be aware this is a new climbing area in the Canadian Rockies. As such, there will be loose rock, as there has not been much traffic on the routes. Bring a helmet and exercise a little more caution than you would otherwise. Having said that, the routes have been cleaned, and most of the rock is quite good.

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