Wish I Was a Baller – V4

FA: Aidan - 2020-10-07

Recent Sendage:

  • V4
    Feels like v4 for me. really nice slab
  • V4
    Going with the upgrade on this one. Even if we didnt spend a half hr going left too early, I think the pull at the end is in the V4 range (and the conditions were prime today). FYI, Poco is even reachier.
  • V4
    Maybe I had bad beta or missed a hold, but this felt harder then 3. Very fun.
  • V3
    2020-10-07 (FA)
    Silvie cleaned this one up and when we started trying it she was doing way better on it than me. I stole her beta for the top but with a few extra inches of height I could reach the top and she could not. Accidentally snaked her. Sorry Silv.