Start on two sloping crimps, big lock off to a bad crimp, followed by a powerful bump to a better bad crimp. Bust right to a good hold and navigate the top out.

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  • V9
    Felt pretty hard for a 9
  • V9
    So good
  • V9
    Harrrd. Felt really hard on Friday - Sunday fell off the start move twice then somehow locked the heel hook and it felt breezy. Hardest 9 I've climbed. Could be ten but I don't know.
  • V9
    Started trying this in the spring but had to let it lie due to a hurt finger. Felt really good to go back and tick it off my list. The top, generally very easy, felt horrific as it was soaking wet. This is an incredible climb: short, steep, powerful, and technical. As an added bonus it is fairly low, a good climb for solo sessions.