Timeless Low Low – V8

FA: Eli Dusenbury - 2013-07-29

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    Shins got flash pumped on the first go haha. I'd agree that the extra 2 moves do not add difficulty. Morpho. I couldn't reach all the way through - a couple intermediate moves needed. If you can't set the toehooks at the beginning it's obviously a whole other problem.
  • V7
    Started on jug but with toe hook could reach straight into timeless. Maybe not any different than timeless low.
  • V8
    2013-07-29 (FA)
    Just below the holds as described by Miles (Timeless Low), is a roof jug. Make two powerfull moves into Timeless low and complete that problem. If you like roofs and toe hooks you will like this one!! (first Go)
  • V8
    Adds couple powerful moves into Timeless low.