Time Wave Zero – 5.11d


Recent Sendage:

  • 5.12a
    Heard holds broke off the crux, felt hard at 12a
  • 5.11d
    So much fun! Every single pitch was amazing. Seriously- I've never consecutively climbed 23 pitches in a row that were this awesome. Had to get up at 2am and do the first half in the dark because the sun is brutal in March. Aided the 5.11d pitch.
  • 5.11d
    with mah homie myles 10 h no simul
  • 5.12a
    Bivyed over night on the natural ledge. Left camp around 1:30pm, proceed to get lost for 2 hours on the approach somehow. Made it to ledge about 30 minutes before sunset. Though not a clean send by any means (A0 a lot of the way), we got to the top and back down to Leo's just in time for tacos and karaoke.
  • 5.11d
    Aided the 12a pitch. Time to summit - 6 hrs, Ground to Ground time - 10 hrs. Amazing day.