Terminator – V12


This problem links Squaminator into the Squaminator traverse adding a proper topout. Interesting this problem is actually the one the name Squaminator was given to, and Squaminator's real name is "Coping". The name Terminator was likely made up by the guidebook author when he was unable to track down the real name.

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Recent Sendage:

  • V13
    Super psyched on this! Stoked that it went quick after figuring out all the moves! Thanks to an amazing supportive group of friends :)
  • V13
    So stoked on this one.
  • V13
    Weeks of effort. Truly my summer project. The power endurance is definitely not my usual style.
  • V13
    I can't believe this just happened! I have never put so much time and effort into a boulder problem. This is definitely the hardest problem I have ever done. I used the high left foot beta for the cross move from the Squaminator into the Traverse. This heat wave sure did not help the cause. So psyched!
  • V12
    An amazing moment in time when everything was perfect. For me one of the coolest boulders in Squamish and a new level of difficulty. Many sessions and a lot of work. A lot of struggle too, with wet holds and a finger injury, and falling once from the very end. When it finally clicked it felt amazing. Huge thanks to my amazing wife for all the support , and for putting up with with so much nervous pacing. Regarding the grade: V13 was never suggested by the first ascensionist, but just a guess from Marc. After a lot of thought, I've decided to suggest V12. I hope other ascensionists will also give an honest opinion of the grade.