Superman – 5.14c

35m / 115ft

Recent Sendage:

  • 5.14c
    It is all over! Big Show done. Managed to keep the momentum rolling by sending my last 3 routes on the wall (Supermanboy, Captain America and Superman) in a little over a three week span. Took me a little while to learn the new Captain America crux (which is so cool, and harder than the revival crux for me), but once I sent CA, I only needed 2 shots to get Superman done. Almost got too excited and slipped off the wet top out. What an epic journey!
  • 5.14c
    Last one on the Big Show! Feels good to finally finish this up. I sent Free Will in 2013 and I've spent most of my summers since then working towards finishing the wall. It's been a hell of a ride!
  • 5.14c
    Can't believe this saga is over! I fell once on the last move of Heat from the start.. but was psyched to get out with good friends and have good temps and climb the last (established) line on the wall! A part of me wishes it wasn't over but it'll be nice to move on with my life ;)
  • 5.14c
    Amazing endurance battle! Links the entire big show wall. What a route!
  • 5.14c
    2nd ascent! 40m! awesome.