The Sacrifice – 5.12c

9 bolts

Description: edit

Climb past 3 shiny new bolts visible from the ground to 2 more new bolts hidden in the scoop below the roof (long draws are useful on these). Traverse out left to two terribly rusty bolts - clip only the top one (long draw), then clip the first permadraw and backclean (this way you don't have to faff around when lowering). Clip two more permadraws on nice new bolts, then pull hard. There's one bolt below the lip that you'll have to hang your own draw on (as incentive to do the last move instead of bail).

This climb could greatly benefit from new anchor bolts, as the current ones are quite rusty. Or just take the victory whip!

(Bolts all replaced - Oct. 2019)

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  • 5.12c
    Dang that was cool! Second try. Jumpin’ And swingin’ and almost puntin’