Rose Colored Glasses – V9


Low start to Universal Head. Multiple betas.

Recent Sendage:

  • V10
    Once I realized I don’t need to crush my fingers under my own heel hook, I came to really enjoy this climb. The falls going for the pebble pinch are nice and committing. Regarding the grade, I’m taking the respect my elders approach and going with Andrew, Nate, Jesse, etc, since I haven’t done enough 10s to know for sure. It did take me longer than most all 9s I’ve done. Regardless, this boulder is fun and subtle!
  • V9
    stoked to finally put this one down. well worth the 4 sessions I put into it
  • V9
  • V9
    Rihanna Rihanna baby
  • V8
    Is there a super soft button? Definitely a mid v8, great climb though. Still taking 10 bc it was 85* at 6pm in August. Took about 30 minutes to finish this one up. I really enjoyed my time at Carver though. Hopefully I can come back more this season for manageable weather