Rose Colored Glasses – V9


Low start to Universal Head. Multiple betas.

Recent Sendage:

  • V9
    stoked to finally put this one down. well worth the 4 sessions I put into it
  • V9
  • V8
    Rihanna Rihanna baby
  • V10
    Is there a super soft button? Definitely a mid v8, great climb though. Still taking 10 bc it was 85* at 6pm in August. Took about 30 minutes to finish this one up. I really enjoyed my time at Carver though. Hopefully I can come back more this season for manageable weather
  • V10
    Session five on a calm, wet night. All the injuries in the world couldn’t stop me from achieving my goal on time (sending a V10 before my 2 year anniversary of starting climbing :D) Now I get to climb inside again for a while and maybe get a bit healthier before I move onto other projects!