Right Side – V7


The problem to the right of Triangle Face. SDS on crimps, go to triangle hold, get the arete and finish on nose.

Recent Sendage:

  • V7
    I tried to get the top sussed and kept whirling off the last throw to the nose. The second time I hit the first move it all clicked albeit desperate near the end. Great jumpy climb, and way harder than the other Carver 7s. Temps today.
  • V7
    Feels contrived to finish different than Triangle Face but ok
  • V7
    Not as cool as its neighbor.
  • V7
    Would be 3 * if the obvious start. Getting closer on Cedar. Still figuring out the micro-micro-climates of the NW.
  • V7
    More involved than its famous neighbor. Sweet heel hook reach to the lip sequence.