Ride the White Horse – V10


Recent Sendage:

  • V10
    Great quality lip traverse. Burly, techy, and power-endurance are terms that describe this problem well.
  • V10
    Stoked! One session. Almost sent my fourth go, only to punt on the topout. Worked out better topout beta abd then sent three goes later. 3rd V10!
  • V10
    second sesh, october send was a little warm. nice secluded location , and you can fondle all holds from the ground. flash would be impressive
  • V10
    This one doesn't look all that cool, but it actually climbs really well. Psyched! /// Have only spent about 2 hours at this boulder before today - suits me well, as you can basically hang on your heel the whole way. First attempt today my heel popped, second attempt ended with a super epic punt off the last topout jug before you get your foot on the crimp, 3rd go send go.
  • V10
    spent a day dry firing and having my heel pop. Really satisfying to send! Never been so pleased about a lip traverse