Pocket Full of Corpses Low – V10

FA: Jaredg - 2021-08-11


The low and far right start to Pocket Full of Corpses. Start low on a small right hand pinch with a pocket thumb, and a lower left hand sidepull. Move into two obvious gastons, then continue moving left with trickery into the start of Pocket Full of Corpses.

Recent Sendage:

  • V10
    Knee bar beta
  • V10
    Really nice holds and moves on this thing.
  • V10
    1 session. Feels kind of awkward when you’re figuring it out but once the beta clicks, dang does this thing flow. Nice traverse into the stand. Adds powerful moves and lots of intricate sequence. Love the heel/toe cam and the gash hold you match and hand flip on. Quality. Nice vision Jared!
  • V10
    2021-08-11 (FA)
    Pretty fun climb, with the potential for a heart-breaker finish going to the pocket, wish there was a more obvious start but alas. RIP my fellow shorties