Pat Richards – V8


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  • V8
    Why it took me so many tries to climb this is beyond me. The beta couldn't be more obvious yet it eluded me for years. Doh, I'm a yutz. I love climbing.
  • V8
    Improbable start move, tough crimp traversing and heel hooking. There’s a sloper on here I can’t believe is useable, but really helps. Dabbed at the very end on one attempt, barely had te energy to finish the top out a few goes later. A great day with lots of cool people today.
  • V8
    Sick climb, exactly my kinda movement. Compression beta wasn't working so I crimped my way through. Easier and way better than control burn imo.
  • V8
    Really cool, one of the best in the area. Few goes
  • V8
    Awesome complex sequence, gratifying to put it together quickly. I miss roof climbing.