Leave it to Jesus sds – V7


Following the guidebook's name. Sit from a low crimp and sidepull. Big move to a fragile horizontal crimp then into the stand.

Recent Sendage:

  • V7
    Can’t believe i hadn’t done this
  • V8
    A really fun climb, I will admit I was expecting a lot less pleasure going into it. Felt pretty damn soft but I guess I'll take it since it's my first flash of the grade.
  • V8
    86 degrees so I'll take the point. Dry fired 36 times in 3 attempts.
  • V8
    This problem was my test to see if my shoulder was healthy enough to start climbing hard again. It was a successful test :D
  • V7
    I started this with my left hand on a horizontal crimp and right on a sidepull. Could be harder than 7, maybe an 8 or 9?