Jonah’s Dab Rig – V9

FA: Jonah Kreitzberg - 2019-06-19

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  • V9
    Had to find a way that worked for me and avoided all the wet holds, barely sent at the end of the day. Nice to see some new rocks. Wally the fan for MVP
  • V9
    Such a good problem! In a bizarre twist of fate the dab factor actually makes it cooler. Having to use the toehook for the big move is sick!
  • V9
    AKA captain america, also not nearly as dabby as it was with bad beta
  • V9
    2019-06-19 (FA)
    Stand start to the squeeze block. Start left hand jug, right hand waist high edge. Couple fun slap moves to squeezed sequence. Not dabbing is unfortunately a large part of the difficulty. Otherwise good