Hustler’s Ambition – V5

FA: Sarah - 2023-09-18


Climb the backside of the Blood Wyrm boulder up an almost-blank face. The boulder has exactly as many holds and feet as you need to get up. The move to span between holds is a bit reachy, but there is alternative beta which is probably harder.

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  • V8
    Comp climbing unlocked
  • V8
    Post break ascent. Very good rock quality now. Did a step up dyno similar to a slab version of rainbow rocket. Honestly one of the sickest and most satisfying moves Ive done on rock. I think post break, with this new beta it bumps up the difficulty quite a bit. Very low percentage, learned move but once stuck, it feels easy. Beta: I found the more powerfuly and quick I pulled myself up to the right, the easier the step up felt and gave me enough height to latch the crimp
  • V5
    2023-09-18 (FA)
    My first FA ever. Jake told me nobody had brushed this face of the boulder because it looked blank, but I saw one rail peeking out underneath the moss and decided it was worth seeing if there was anything else. Well, there ended up being not much else there, but just enough to make it go. If you ignore the fact that it is quite morpho, its actually a super pure line that is quite aesthetic and climbs really nice… If you have the span :P