Hemingway Short Story – V9


Start on rounded positive holds at the back of the cave and use a small crimp to reach back to a large pocket. After holding a swing make some hard moves before launching left hand to a jug pocket in the roof to the left. Finish out on the large flakes to a jug at the lip.

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Recent Sendage:

  • V9
    Such a awesome line, one of the most iconic moves I've seen to date. Loved every move, very psyched to take down another island classic. Quite morpho for sure though, so short-armed climbers beware. Chose the Grand Bouldero exit. 3rd session.
  • V9
    did the Atlas exit for full stamina value
  • V9
    Super fun beach bouldering in the sunshine. Obviously very height dependent, and I think if you are much under 6ft this would be v10(+).
  • V10
    Super Fun! I think I heel hooked on every move! Felt like solid V10 to me, but it was pretty humid, so i'm not to sure on the grade.
  • V9
    So stoked! Can't believe this one went down!! Definitely the best weekend of climbing I've ever had! Pretty sure I injured my shoulders though, and my tendons...