The Goat – 5.9

Recent Sendage:

  • 5.9
    Fantastic! Descend was wild, but what I expected for alpine limestone
  • 5.9
    Climbed in 8.5 hours car to car, linking all pitches. Was lucky to have the climb to ourselves and not worry about rock fall. From the belay stances it wasn't too hard to not knock loose rocks down, the biggest risks are from the scramble pitches, especially the last pitch. The descent on this climb was terrible. The entire gully was one long slippery slope, with many sections having me sit on my butt and slide down, kicking down many rocks. The rockfall on this descent seems unavoidable, and with the gully any party below you is in the firing range. Took maybe 1 hour to get through the gully which is too long for me to feel comfortable wondering if a party above me might start coming down and raining rocks on us. For these reasons I don't think I can recommend this route to someone unless they knew for certain they were the only ones climbing.
  • 5.9
    5 Hrs C/C, Simuled the whole thing. Not Loose at all and very enjoyable. Would be spicy if you are just breaking into the 5.10 grade as the crux is technical and not strength-based. Fun day with J
  • 5.9
    Epic. Went for the 5.11 variation, was a blast! Toes were sore after that one...
  • 5.9
    I would give the climb 3 stars (nothing special but I would recommend to a friend) but the descent drops it to probably 1.5 stars. Early season the descent was annoying at best, and dangerous at worst. Lots of loose rocks and blowdown, and limited traction. It's only a matter a time before someone gets hurt, to call it a descent trail is just lazy. Climb took about 4.5hrs bottom to top. Linked every pitch but the 5.11 (which I slipped on and had to re-send) and the 3 soloable pitches.