Fight Club 2 – V9


Left arete is toolshed direct, fight club 2 traverses right into fight club on nails crimp moves.

Recent Sendage:

  • V10
    Love the weird texture on the holds. Used the left sidepull to gain the lip, feels awesome that way. I think 10 feels fair especially after the crimp broke.
  • V10
    Climbed what is described in the route description. Started on the left slopey rail and climbed through the face on the bad crimps to finish on the same sloper as Fight Club. Definitely harder than v8. I wonder about route confusion as this boulder has seemed to have had a lot of it. Who knows what the "real" Fight Club 2 is but I think this is and the left is tool shed direct.
  • V8
    This was sorta fun I guess.
  • V8
    Left arete of the Fight Club boulder aka Fight Club 2. Climbs out the steepest part of the boulder before topping out. Guessing on the grade.