The Contender – 5.11b


between ressurection and consolation (not in the current guidebook 2021).

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  • 5.11b
    I found this pretty stout for the grade but it's Haines so it makes sense. I forgot how shitty the road is; makes me sad to think one day even most trucks may not be able to make it up. I envision bolting some really hard routes up here... there's definitely potential. Thanks for the belays, Lord Sendeth of Crimpalot!
  • 5.11b
    3rd go. Tightly squeezed line between ressurection and consolation. Packs a surprising amount of movement in the first half up to the crux. Short lived crux with many no hands rests leading up to it make it a 11- for me. Harder than ressurection but easier than iron sights. Thanks for bolting the line you've spotted years ago Jacob Doyle!