Cedar Center – V6


SDS on rail and climb straight up using offset edges.

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Recent Sendage:

  • V7
    7 seems fair to me for what I climbed. So close on getting jaws in one session, next time!
  • V6
    Pretty fun!
  • V7
    Finally! Several serious sessions sussing beta. Finally went with Nicks beta of left right left. Old school 6, new school 8.
  • V7
    Sent in about 2 hours.
  • V7
    I'm so excited to climb this! Have looked at it with bewilderment many times. Ended up being the most straightforward thing ever after all. Sit start on the rail, good left foot, latch the good left crimp, come in to the right crimp, get set, and go get the weird pinch hold on the lip. I like floated when I stuck it. Easy topping out from there. People say the grade of 6 is too low on this one, and I'd agree. Going high end V7 in my opinion. Woo stoked!